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Employer was willing to pay for CISSP and I passed in April this year. I would like more technical certs as I am interested in a more hands-on security role but my employer is not willing to pay for them since I am an IT Auditor (almost 4 years). CASP seems cheap enough for me to foot on my own since reading material is easy to come by. Would prefer a GIAC cert but seems the best study material is taking a SANS class at $5k a pop. When I search for jobs there are only a few hits for "CASP" so honestly not sure if it would do me any good other than add a few more letters to my resume. Thoughts?


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    First congrats on passing your CISSP, I know the feeling.
    Considering you passed your CISSP, and have a CISA cert, I wouldn't waste time with CASP, it doesn't add much value especially with your credentials. GIAC is a good path but as you pointed out SANS courses are expensive (though not actually required to take the exam AFAIK). If I was in your situation, I would look into vendor specific certs, such as CheckPoint or Wireshark, or, look into CEH.
    If your goals is to move into management, CISM is a pretty good certification too.
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