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I was wondering if anybody out there that recently passed the GCIH exam has a practice test they can send me? This is my first SANS class and I unfortunately burned my attempts early.


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    I have been studying GCIH for a while now, but the materials i use is from 2016. Is that OK ? Is there a significant difference between the current material and those from 2016 ?
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    I just recently took and passed the GCIH using up-to-date books.

    I had access to an older index and when I was editing the index to my books/pages, I did note that there were a couple of items that were not in my books - seems like, during editing, a few minor items were removed. I did notice that certain books had the sections/terms moved around within the book but 98% of the info was the same - it was just moved around in my up-to-date books. There was very little new info that I added to my index, from my books...other than terms I wanted to add.

    Bottom Line - the material in 504 is tools, tricks, tips, etc. that has been around for years. IMO, You should not have a problem using 2016 material for a current test...or even taking the test next year.

    Not much can really change with the meat of 504. I noted that John Strand talks about OLD hacks/stories when he is giving his examples - it seemed to me that his material and examples are very dated - there was no mention of big time hacking stories from within the past two years - I wonder when they'll ever get around to inserting info about Wanna-cry and Petya?? He talks about the OPM hack like it was yesterday - but yet doesn't explain any of it or how it occurred, even though the report on the OPM hack has been out for 6+ months...and makes for some great reading. ...as does the report on the prisoners in Ohio who set up spare computers and joined the jails network - look that one up!
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