Passed CISSP on May 2 2017, second attempt

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I have finally passed the marathon effort exam on May 2nd 2017. Special thanks to my ex-boss Dhana for motivating me on pursuing CISSP track and Family ( Jyothsana, Mokshita, Raveendranath, Sreelatha) for offering extended support and confidence. I started serious study after my baby was born and she has been very cooperative somehow while I planned my CISSP effort.

Initially while was planning for CISSP exams in 2013, I was very cocky about me passing cissp like other technical certification exams, which I study for less than a month. My first combat with exam gave me taste of it as the score quite intimidating (690). During my first attempt, I studied only from the CBK and never took any practice exams. I just read the book 5 times page to page and made notes to remember important areas which was not enough. So while planning for the second attempt, decided to do some research on how others prepared and decided to work out a strategy.

Here are some insights on what was my CISSP strategy. Each and every one has 1.5 KG of brain however each individual has different approach on how to remember and digest the material they studying. CISSP according to me is a concept game with lot of skills to think as a manager from what is required from business prospect. If your English skills are good, then it will be big plus. Each individual has their own strategy to achieve goals and you will have to find your strategy.

Here is what I worked on !!
  1. Take full exam (250 question) to identify your weak domains. Once you Identify, you target studying and mastering those domains first.
  2. Studied the Official study guide (ISC2) - from page to page. (Reference URL section, Books to Buy)
  • ​Once done with each domain prepare notes or mark important concepts. I used the technique of teaching each concept to myself, thinking loud with analogies to remember each of the concept. The exam will demand you master the concept and think like a manager.
  • Focused study based on weak domains identified(started with cryptography as it was my weakest). Once confident with each domain took practice test from free test engine. (Reference URL section, Test Engine), aiming to score 70 above for all 8 domains. If I failed scoring 70 above then would resume studying the same domain until I mastered the concept scoring the benchmark score.
  1. ​ Get the study notes from (Reference URL section, Study Notes) or use your own notes prepared in the first round of reading.
  • After reading and digesting notes for each domain take test, aiming to score 80 above using Paid Test Engine-2. (Reference URL section, Test Engine)
  • Once you score 80 above in individual domain target taking test for 4 domains until you score 80 above use Paid Test Engine-1. (Reference URL section, Test Engine)
  • Once we achieve 80 above score for 4 domains focus on exam taking skills, aim taking 6 hours’ exam. {This will help you improve your stamina for exam day}
  • Continue doing the above until CISSP exam concepts churn into your body and mind.:D
4. How do you determine if your ready for the exams?[LIST=|INDENT=1]
[*]I picked any topic from the index and wrote about until I am confident on all index item.
[*]There will be still some areas which you feel are weak areas, at-least manage to score pass score.
[/LIST]Reference URL:
1.Books to Buy: 2.Test Engine: 3.Study Notes:


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