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Howdy Guys,

First a little bit of background I am working for a Social Enterprise / Charity that specializes in refurbishing and repairing redundant / waste I.T equipment for resell. As you can imagine the installation phase of the refurbishment process needs to be improved.

Primarily we deal with alot of WIndows 7, WIndows 8 and 10 machines. We have started created a *golden reference image for different versions of WIndows 7.

Infrastructure wise we are on a budget being a charity but we have managed to dig out and set up a Server 2012 box which is currently running MDT

We currently are at the stage where we can deploy a WIndows image with all the updates already injected. This is fantastic however I thought I would consult the gods of Windows about proceeding to the next stage.

On our machines we resell we install the following applications Open Office, MS office Starter, Firefox, Flash, Avast, Malwarebytes.

I have two questions the 1st what is the best way to zero touch install these products? can I use Open Source Software, Powershell / Script wizardry

2nd question if I have a machine that has a reference image of WIndows 7 deployed with minimal drivers, Can I silent install additional drivers on the fly?

Many Thanks Guys

I appreciate your guidance and help
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    Why don't you install the software you need on a reference computer, Sysprep it, capture an ISO and use that as a reference image. When you use that ISO to configure computers, the software's already there. I'm not sure how you could configure zero touch for 3d party software, especially freeware. They always ask lots of crappy questions.

    PM me if this is what you're looking for and I'll explain the process in more detail. I think this is the best way to go. Put the software directly on the ISO.
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