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Finally , am posting this . Gives me great pleasure in posting my exam preparation experience to this forum
My bucket list of resources for the exam , I started of with the official Isc2 cbk, read it from cover to cover & made notes of it . I then started the CSA handbook version 3.0 this is available for free download from CSA's site . After reading numerous reviews here , I planned to buy the softcopy of the all in one ccsp from Daniel carter . I read all the domains again & to be honest this book is way better in rendering concepts to the reader in comparison to CSA or the official cbk . I then used the cybrary audio from Kelly during my travel to my office those were helpful too . I finally revised my notes to reinforce my understanding of all the concepts . Since , I am already a Cissp I kinda knew the isc2 way of questioning .

With regards to the questions , i used the book back questions from cbk , Daniel carter . The all in one ccsp book also had 100 additional questions & a total tester qoth300 questions those were helpful as well . ( But none of them mat he's the quality of questions that you would find on the real exam ). Finally I also used my cccure license to take 140+ questions . These were close to the real ones that were asked on the exam .

I finally sat for the exam with all confidence & to my surprise I was fairly progressing to complete all the questions with in 3 hours time , this included 2 breaks . My suggestion is that you ll have a lot of time at the end so lay one brick at a time . Hope this was informative & I wish all the ccsp asipirants all the very best


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    Congrats. Is it possible to share the test engine questions from daniel carter?
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    @skyyyyy2001 : It comes as a freeware, if you buy the AIO Daniel carter book. Many thank :)
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    Give a hacker an exploit, and they will have access for a day, BUT teach them to phish, and they will have access for the rest of their lives!

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