Some Guidance Needed

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Hello all, here asking for some guidance as to what my focus should be on for the next half of the year. I signed up for the linux academy with the intention of really digging into Linux and getting more well rounded with it. I started the Linux Academy Red Hat Certified System Administrator course and due to work have been slowly but surely getting a better understanding of how to manage linux servers. I don't use Linux on a day to day basis at work but in the future I am hoping to and my intention with the Red Hat course was never fully to get certified but more towards having a great understanding of it. Also at work I was introduced to Ansible and have starting playing with it (Finished the quick start lesson on Linux Academy).

As always some other stuff has caught my attention and I am seeing which path to focus on now.

-Finish the linux academy Red Hat Course, Upgrade my VCP 5.5 to 6.0 after push for the VCAP 6.0
-Finish the linux academy Red Hat Course, push forward for the RHCSA certification, focus on Ansible or AWS
-Finish the linux academy Red Hat Course, dig into the Python Learning Course(Zero Experience), push for a AWS Associate Level Certification (a heavy interest of mine although I have no exposure at work)

As you can see there are several interest I have right now (Linux, AWS, Ansible, VMware, Python) and each one is slowly tugging at me. Im in my mid 20's and aware that never fully focusing on one area can lead to never truly mastering a set of skills. Any advice is appreciated for what can continue to make me marketable now and for the future. Any adjustments to vague plans I have above would be appreciated.
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