Cheap Project+ vouchers are like unicorns, leprechauns, or good traffic

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CompTIA Retail Price: $294.00
CompTIA Academic Marketplace: $145.00 $264.60 $283.95
eBay: $274.95

Money's extremely tight right now (no issues), so I'm shopping around for vouchers. I found good deals on vouchers for the A+ and Network+ via eBay, but I'm having a helluva time with Project+. It just seems more rare and more nonexistent. It's becoming increasingly apparent that the biggest customer base for the Project+ exam is WGU students, which speaks a lot about the reputation of Project+ and its real-world value.

Since I'm not a student right now, I can't get the $145 price, otherwise I'd be all over that. And since I don't have a time machine, the $50 beta exam price is also out of reach.

Has anyone here ever noticed any good deals? My best deal now is $264.60 @ GetCertified4Less, but it still seems like highway robbery as if CompTIA is fleecing us, and if I can find something better, I'll wait.
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