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Hi Everyone! I am just starting to study for my Network+ Exam (I'm taking this one before I take 70-291, which after it all plays out will get my MCSA) and was wondering what books you would recommend? I bought the Mike Myers Passport book (it looked like the best of the 3 I had to choose from). I did use this one for A+ and it was not bad. But, if you guys have used others, could you let me know what you thought? In studying for my MCSA exams, I have used Microsoft, Sybex, and ExamCram2, so I am familiar with each of them. I usually get a couple just for the different point-of-view and different Practice Exams (which I've also used Transcender, MeasureUp, and TestOut) - not all at once though, I varied as I went along).

The posts on this site are fantastic and have been a great help in preparing for the Exams and as a heads up to what to expect.

Thanks in advance! :D
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    For the Network+ I used Sybex. THere were some errors in the book but overall it was pretty good. The only experience I have with the Passport books is the one I read for Security+. While I thought it was a good book it seemed to be lacking in information compared to the sybex and syngress security+ book I've read.
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    the Syngress and Exam Cram 2 though the Sybex wasnt too bad either.

    The Syngress will give you much more information than you need and the Exam Cram is good to read a few days before the exam.
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    Tcat Houser's study guide for the N10-002 exam is available for free at www.certiguide.com. It has not been updated for the new objectives but it still covers 90+% of the exam, it's very easy to undertand. Did I mention it is FREE? I like the way Tcat explains things. A great supplemental resource. icon_cool.gif
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    Thanks for the info...I'm checking out the free site right after I post this...

    I didn't scroll down far enough before I posted, or I would've seen someone asked the same questions, so sorry about the double topic posting here.

    I can't say for sure if I'm familiar with the Syngress book, but I'll be sure to check it out along with some others...do you know if they all come with a CD? Not critical, but the practice exams are nice to have.

    Thanks again!
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