Can't ssh to vm over wifi - vmware

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My host is on wifi and I'm not able to connect to the virtual machine (vmware) at all. I looked up on how to make the changes with the ip addressing on the virtual interface but I still can't connect. What could I do to help me along with solving the issue?
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    Have you worked this out?

    If not, this isn't enough information to answer your question. Is the VM pingable? Is there a firewall in the middle? Is the ssh service enabled? If you directly connected to the host, can you then reach the VM? VMware is the name of a company, not a product. I take it you're using VMware Workstation? What sorta networking is setup for the VM? As you can see, you've given too little information to go with. It's like I saying I need to send mail to someone but I don't know their address.
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