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Passed this one yesterday; You really really really need to know your stuff for this one. Even with a 790 I still missed questions in 13 objective areas! Know ALL your servers (mail, ftp, web, etc.) and lots about Cron. Shoot me a message if you would like any help or more information.


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    CONGRATZ dude.....
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    So how distribution neutral is this one? I'm a UNIX guy from way back, but I've had a problems with shell scripts breaking because of different versions of utilities shipping in new versions of the same distribution -- and not even major upgrades.
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    Actually it did seem to be pretty vendor netural. The main distro specific things I found was there were a few questions on using RPM, and one Debian question related to package installation. If you know Unix stuff like vi, searching and modifying text files from the command line, etc. you should probably do OK as that seemed to be about 50% of the material. The rest was server stuff (configuring FTP access, SSH, httpd, etc.)
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    Awesome job!
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    A great deal of effort was made during the last Linux+ exam revision to keep it distro neutral. rbutturini hit the nail on the head in reference to the only distro specific questions.

    Almost all of the A+ hardware material from the original exam was removed. more security, documentation, and networking. icon_cool.gif
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    Good stuff :)
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