CCENT 100-105 Failed 755

Everest63Everest63 Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
Just got home from taking the exam. Actually had a #6 sub "Mike's Way" at Jersey Mike's to soften the blow afterwards. First Cisco exam for me. Last exam I took was the Novell CNA back in 2001. Last 4 companies I worked for didn't care if I had a cert or not just as long as I had demonstrated experience. Now that I've been laid-off I see a much more pro certification climate now in IT. Hence my mission to get Cisco certified.

755 / 1000
Network Fundamentals: 75%
LAN Switching Fundamentals: 75%
Routing Fundamentals: 80%
Infrastructure Services: 44%
Infrastructure Maintenance: 25% 😖

Now that I know what a Cisco exam is like I can take the "1st time" out of the equation.
Will take a few days off from CCENT studying and then hit it hard at the 44% & 25% areas listed above and lab lab lab lab.


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