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I am kind of new to this forum, I posted a good guide to the Network+ tips. Anyway...

I was looking into this CEH Certification, looks like it's a hard exam to take, but what exam isn't poorly worded these days?

On further inspection of this certifiction I began to wonder, if I got this certification, put it on my Resume and applied for a IT Manager or something in the related IT field...

...What would be going through their heads when they see Certified Ethical Hacker? Would they think badly of this certification... or would they think... "Okay, he's certified in hacking.. which means he knows where we need security"

Could some people post their comments, opinions or whatever on this please.

I appreciate it.
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    It depends on the company you're applying to work for. An IT consulting company?? good. An insurance company with maybe one other IT person?? probably not good, as they will not know what it is. A fortune 500 company? good, depending on which department in that company sees your resume. Also, keep in mind that the term "hacker" has more than one definition. And this usually depends on who you're talking to.
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