Bit worried now for SSCP

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Basically I have my sscp booked for next Thursday and was feeling quite confident.

I have gone through the DG AIO book and scored very highly in the end chapters. Also been highlighting bits I didn't understand then reviewing on a second try. Then uhe CD testing engine I got 87% then 94% for the 2 mock tests. Also did some youtubing for bits I didn't understand and a little googling prior to the tests.

I have a 2nd book, the buzz murphy sybex book which I have skimmed through. However using that books online test I came up at 76% so big difference.

Is the sybex book rated? Some have said its rubbish but its got me worried.

Also passed the sec+ about 4 years ago so have knowledge from that carried over.

Any thoughts please?



  • RemedympRemedymp Member Posts: 834 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I used the CASP CAS-002 book for it.
  • tripleatriplea Member Posts: 190 ■■■■□□□□□□
    bit to late to read that now lol
  • tedjamestedjames Member Posts: 1,179 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Go over the exam objectives provided by ISC(2) and make sure that you know something about every bullet point on that list. Also know the common port numbers, incident handling steps, OSI model, etc.
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    tedjames wrote: »
    Go over the exam objectives provided by ISC(2) and make sure that you know something about every bullet point on that list. Also know the common port numbers, incident handling steps, OSI model, etc.

    I second tedjames's response.

    Go through the exam objectives. If you can summon answers or explanations; you're good to go.

    DG's AIO quizzes are pretty simple or obvious, so don't use them as a gauge.

    Don't stress yourself out, it's a straightforward exam :)
  • ITSec14ITSec14 Member Posts: 398 ■■■□□□□□□□
    If you understand the Security+ objectives, you shouldn't have an issue. I heard that and the SSCP really aren't that much different from one another.
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    Don't be discouraged. Continue to review the objectives and take a few more practice exams. You'll be well prepared for next Thursday. Good luck!
  • tripleatriplea Member Posts: 190 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Having tried the 2nd half of the test in the ISC official guide I found most of the questions VERY ambiguous, are the real questions in that form? I'm now down to 68%.

    Well I say that but when reviewing the question I find that they mark an answer wrong then show it as the correct answer even though its wrong. Madness!

    Ive spent 2 months going through this and thought it should be moderatly easy but with the official guide I feel Ive been kicked in the guts.
  • mrvl13mrvl13 Member Posts: 46 ■■■□□□□□□□
    You sound virtually in the same boat as myself. DG's book is alot like Sec +, And for the record George Murphy's book and the online test engine is more than helpful. If you got 76% it's probably because of how the questions are structured, take the notes from the questions you missed...btw 76% is passing.
  • hishamNAhishamNA Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Go for it , I have done it about 2 weeks ago , last 3 day I have bought Transcender, test hrough Cybray
  • tripleatriplea Member Posts: 190 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I think its more the structure of the question that's giving me issues. This afternoon I did 2 chapters of the ISC book and it really doesn't seem to have to much depth, more of an overview in some cases then goes off on tangents. I did find the AIO book more in depth or maybe that's just what I already know.

    Even when I use the ISC book I look at it and realise I know/understand most of the stuff being said. But the questions seem more designed for you to 'guess' the best practice rather than a correct answer which is why I can make at least 2 different answers work. Like they are trying to trip you up rather than if you know what you are looking for?

    Think this test is looking like a dry run at the mo.
  • jercxjercx Member Posts: 36 ■■■□□□□□□□
    i remember myself questioning the intent of the exams in the beginning as well, i thought to myself "i'm not studying for an english exam!!" and that "the people who write these questions have very nefarious intent!!"

    but i persevered, and after being certified, i believe it's something we all have to go through. it somehow prepares your mind to think in a certain way, to have the ability to make critical judgments when it counts.

    so, just keep on doing the practice exams, you'll eventually get the hang of it.
  • tripleatriplea Member Posts: 190 ■■■■□□□□□□
    well tomorrow is DDAY!

    I went back through the whole 500 pages of the official book, VERY dry!! since last Thursday night. The test results were better.

    Now we just have to see the how bad the question wording is. I know it, its just if I can do it their way icon_study.gif
  • ITSec14ITSec14 Member Posts: 398 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Try to relax a little and take your mind off everything until the test. Trying to cram cram cram right up until test time can actually hurt you.

    You got this! :)
  • tripleatriplea Member Posts: 190 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Well that was hard, real hard! Actually thought 'Im not even resitting this one again if I fail' about half way through it.

    When you realise you are marking 45% percent of the questions for review you know its not good.
    Reading some of the questions you think 'what are they on about?' but use your brain to actually remove the wrong answers and you can see why they might be testing you that way IMHO.
    Anyway DG's all in one will NOT get you through the test IMHO and the buzz murphy official one I suspect never got proof read ( well the test questions at least ) its dry, but you will need to study it. Maybe also a 20-25% overlap with SEC+

    As someone said earlier dont assume DG's chapter questions are enough, they are not.
    Wasnt confident after4 or 5 question, but got the pass. As I said use your brain fully and you will get there, even if you dont think you will.
    CSA+ next after a break maybe.
  • SteveLavoieSteveLavoie Member Posts: 1,133 ■■■■■■■■■□
    I used DG book as my main study. I passed but I was happy my experience helped me a lot. I would recommend to at least review the CBK.
  • tedjamestedjames Member Posts: 1,179 ■■■■■■■■□□
    I was also concerned because I was marking a lot of questions. And halfway through the test, I felt like I was guessing at everything. When I finished, I reviewed every answer and kept a tally of those that I knew I had gotten right (changed only a few answers in the process) and counted at least 111 of 125 that I felt 100% confident about and walked out to find that I had passed. I sure wish I could've seen my score.
  • mrvl13mrvl13 Member Posts: 46 ■■■□□□□□□□
    For some reason you and I are on on the same wave length, currently studying for my CSA+ as we speak, Congrats on the pass.

    btw...I don' think you give yourself enough credit for the things you already know.
  • tripleatriplea Member Posts: 190 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I sent my verification off of paid work nearly 2 weeks ago. Also was endorsed the same day.
    Anyone had the confirmation of membership back quicker or is this the standard turnaround now?

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