Finished my trifecta

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Hey everyone,

I just took my security + and passed yesterday with a 795. I got my A+ and my Net + towards the end of last year and kinda took a break. The exam wasn't too hard, but the wording is a pain. Taking the other two certs first definitely helped.

I used professor Messer's videos, course notes, and watched his study groups. I also used the Sybex book and some free Cybrary content. I recently got my Associates in networking and wanted to finish these exams before moving on to the CCNA. I did about a month of solid studying before attempting the Security exam. I plan on taking a week or two break to unwind before moving on.

Anyone that has taken these and taken the CCNA got any advice for my next endeavor?



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    Congratulations! Sounds like you have a great foundation to build on towards your CCNA. Look into getting GNS3 or CPT to do your CCNA Labbing. With all that background, it shouldn't take you long to sit for the CCENT (ICND1 exam), if you choose to go the two- exam-route. Good Luck!
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    Practice labs. Nothing beats setting up a network from scratch and then building it out. Look at the scenario questions and build the lab in GNS. See how many scenarios you can put together in 1 network. This will also teach how how to make changes and keep things working as one would need to be able to do on a live network.
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    Congrats. That's a pretty solid starting point.
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