Passed A+ Yesterday...

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No Congrats though! Made it through with some relatively poor scores, 649/685. Next step is Network+, I plan on buying the Sybex Net+ Guide and the Mike Meyers Net+ Passport and already have the CBT Nuggets. Have a couple of questions for some people that might be familiar with this material:

1. Does the latest edition of the MM Passport book cover 2005 objectives?
2. In your opinion, is this enough not only to pass the exam, but to gain a good understanding of networking? (I know often this depends on who is reading the material, but is all the info there?)

I plan to spend 4 long months studying, I want to pass the test yes, but I plan on taking more advanced certs following (CCNA and Security+ to follow), and I have a strong feeling that a thorough understanding of basic Networking principles will help me more than simply just passing a test.

I also looked over the technotes on this website and noted they were for the 2001 objectives. Does anyone know if the 2005 objectives will be released - or are the technotes still good for the 2005 objectives?

Thanks for your help!


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    You get Congrats anyway! Just remember, it does not matter what you scored on it, a Pass is a Pass. I've had my A+ for over a year now and I too am just starting on Network+ (I've done some Microsoft exams in between already).

    Sorry I can't help much with your other questions since I am new to Network+ myself...but believe me, the answers will be along very quickly, this site is great!

    But, enjoy it, you've earned it! :D
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    james_ wrote:
    I also looked over the technotes on this website and noted they were for the 2001 objectives.-
    Most of my Network+ TechNotes are actually for the 2005 objectives. The ones with 'updated' and 'new' are updated and rewritten for the current N10-003 exam. The PDF guides (free and SE version) however are still entirely 2001.
    - Does anyone know if the 2005 objectives will be released
    I will continue to update and write new Network+ TechNotes this month, hopefully have the PDFs ready in June. The most important sections are already updated though.
    - or are the technotes still good for the 2005 objectives?
    Even though we don't advertise it anymore, we still sell a couple of the 2001 version PDF, most likely because of the number of practice questions, of which the most are still just as relevant as they were for the 2001 exam. The one that's least important of the 2001 notes is the AppleTalk TechNotes, but since it's not that much text I left it online for now as it is always good to know some older technologies (the history) that are often foundations or predecessors for current technologies.

    And congrats for the A+! Even though a pass is a pass, that's actually a relatively good score compared to what I usually see in "I passed" posts for A+.
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    james_james_ Member Posts: 97 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thank-you guys for your replies.

    Thank-you Johan for putting together the tech notes for us all, they will undoubtedly be critical in reviewing what I have learn't. It is a very kind and selfless thing you have done to help people like me by taking time out of your own obviously very busy schedule. Please know it is appreciated!

    Good luck Jpasterik on your Net+!
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    There are good computer technicians who would have trouble with that test and there are others who can breeze through the test and not know how to repair a computer at all. So, don't pay too much attention to the score. You proved you know the basics. So,

    Congratulations! :D:D:D
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    then get the Syngress book for the Network+ N-003 and then maybe get the Exam Cram 2 as well when you are closer to taking the exam.

    Practice tests are great for gauging your progress but they can be your downfall if you take them too much and end up memorizing the answers and not learning why you got them wrong initially.

    Good luck on the exam :)
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