What do you guys think about this degree?

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This will be my second bachelors. First bachelors has nothing to do with IT. All i would need is 39 more credit hours for a BA in IT from FIU.

Here is the link to the FIU's website: Florida International University Online?s Bachelor of Arts - Information Technology - FIU Online

Can you guys let me know what y'all think about the curriculum and also is a BA in IT worth pursuing ?

thank you so much.


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    the thing is..WHAT do YOU think about it?
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    If you can get a bachelor's degree with only 39 credits and you think it might boost your career, it might be worth it. At $329.79 per credit, that comes to $12,861.81 for out of state tuition. That's really not that much to pay for a degree these days. However, look at the curriculum and determine whether you can get the same education through self study through sources like Udemy, Cybrary, Coursera, etc., for a lot less money. You can of course pick up some certifications along the way. That might do a lot more for your career than just earning a general IT degree.
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    Stopped reading at "This will be my second bachelors. . . " Unless it's on someone else's dime, it's not worth it.
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    Not sure when IT degrees changed to Bachelors or Art, they are usually Bachelor of Science.
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    Why not just get your masters in IT. It would be about the same amount of credits needed, maybe less.

    I also find this Bachelors or Arts and Masters or Arts in IT odd as well. When did it start?
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    Honestly, if the program fits your budget and provides you with the knowledge that you would expect for the price, then its a good program. However, as someone else mentioned, why get a second undergrad?? It would be much more effective both from a financial and career perspective, to either knock out certifications or pursue a masters degree. My undergrad was not in IT, however, I made a pivot into a graduate IT program.
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    A co-worke just told me about this:How to Get College Credit Without Going to College Classes | Life Hacker India

    Maybe they have some IT or security-related degrees.
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    I agree with several others. Unless you can't get accepted into graduate school (poor GPA?) I would suggest going for a Master's than a second Bachelor's degree.
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