Moving layer 3 to another switch, what about spanning-tree

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So I'm moving 2 3 layer VLAN interfaces to another switch to separate 2 customers and I was wondering If I need to do anything with spanning-tree, like change the root bridge for spanning tree. The current bridge has multi VLAN interfaces en is RB.
I'm wondering If I'm overthinking thing as I'm thinking the layer 2 path and 3 path need to point to the same root bridge/Layer 3 gateway.

So If I move another customer (move VLAN interfaces) of the RB, do I need to make the new switch RB for the newly configured VLAN interfaces?

Attached 2 pictures of the current situation and the new situation.


  • Nightflier101BLNightflier101BL Member Posts: 134 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I'm not sure I'm understanding your setup. STP configuration is dependent on your physical switch setup and is a L2 concept only. Is the broadcast domain contained within daisy-chained switches or are there redundant connections (triangles, squares, multiple uplink connections without port-channels, etc.) downstream from the gateway device? If these are all daisy-chained devices the STP root doesn't matter because there would be no blocking interfaces but it's best practice to set the RB toward the core of the network to utilize all links and avoid blocking links to/from the more capable devices.

    Even in hub-and-spoke environments, I manually set the RB for VLANs on the gateway devices. Also, never disable STP even if it's not used.
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    If that's a precise physical diagram, I'm not even seeing how STP will influence anything.
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