Ccna+ccnp or ccna / ceh / ecsa

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So my question is. If you guys were givem the opportunity of being able by to take a month off work to work on certs and had the choice between taking classes for obtaining your CCNA +CCNP OR going for CCNA/CEH/ECSA. The 2nd option covers more ground, while the first one covers up to your CCNP.

In the future I want to work in law enforcement and work towards blue hat/ red hat/ sec ops - noc type jobs. This year im focusing on working on my foundation,which is why im making ceh/ecsa an option.

In my area CEH is massively in demand as a prerequisite, so i figured i could use it to get past HR screens. Ive also heard good things about ecsa.

Ive taken up to ccnp courses at my community college, so im very comfortable with setting up ospf, eigrp, port security, etc. Ccnp is another huge cert thats valued in my area.

Next year id focus on on Linux, such as rhcsa and kali, and work towards my long term goal of ocsp. Ill be continuing my BS in C.S late August, so I want to take advantage and get through with these courses before my semester starts.

My job is willing to pay for 1 of these options this year, and im struggling on which route to take. Get my CCNA and get my feet wet with EC's certs. Or go all the way and go for CCNP.

Insight is greatly appreciated


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    i went the CCNP route then got my CEH afterwards.
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    Both are good options, but option 2 diversifies your professional portfolio and aligns with your anticipated career path. Since all professional level Cisco certifications require a minimum of 3 exams to become certified, you'd have to take at least 4 exams for option #1 versus 3 total exams for option #2. I'm not sure if you're leaning towards to the CCNP R&S or CCNP Security. The R&S requires 3 exams and the Sec requires 4 (not including the CCNA prerequisite). Having option #2 certification will give you the best chance of landing your future Sec Ops job because the 2 EC certs are vendor neutral. Good luck on your studying!
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    Hard to answer because we don't really know what your experience or level of knowledge is. If you are just starting out there is now way in hell you can get both CCNA and CCNP in a month. Shoot I'd be surprised to see someone get NET+ in a month.. I don't care if you are studying 20hrs a day. That simply won't happen. Honestly I question the legitimacy of your approach because not a single one of those certs you should be able to prepare for and have the acquired skillsets in a month's time to understand and pass the tests. Shoot most those cert guide books take me 2-3 months to read (6-8 weeks if I bury myself). That's not including the time spent note taking, reviewing videos, more note taking, and labbing.


    If you are simply just gifted a month to do some hardcore studying because you are 95% ready (for all the mentioned tests?) then well that is great! I would love the opportunity to do something like that. That still seems like a mountain of a task to handle due to the the number of tests you have to take (also banking on you passing everything first attempt). Or again you are gifted a month time to get your feet wet on the topics? Cool if so!

    Or maybe I am not understanding what you are asking...

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