Cisco iWAN

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Ok, totally bamboozled. I get it's some kind of software defined WAN tech that sounds awesome on the face of it, but what relevance is it to the CCNA? I see NOTHING in the exam objectives about it, and nothing on any forums? It just seems to be a totally out of context, random couple of pages in Todd Lammle's book, but with a hell of a lot of intricacies that are...worrying me especially if detail is required. There's no config or anything, just a hell of a lot of new concepts, buzz words and acronyms.


  • Magic JohnsonMagic Johnson Member Posts: 414
    I figured this out, it's in partnership with the SDN section of the book. Really struggling with Lammle's interpretation of the WAN section, there's TONNES of information in there, I've got so many notes on this one chapter, which is ridiculous really given it only accounts for 16% of the exam. Either the exam objectives are sneakily hiding a lot or he's a waffler.
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    Flashcard it up, you probably only need to know the key terms. Just understand it conversationally and you'll probably get an easy multiple choice question on it here or there. Remember, there are three levels of understanding in Cisco exams.
    1. Describe
    2. Configure
    3. Troubleshoot

    I believe SDN falls within describe, can't remember. Which pretty much means don't confuse iWAN with ARP.
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