Certified Network Defender (CND)

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Does anyone have any thoughts about the material that this certification covers? Are there other vendor neutral certifications that would be similar to this?

I have a training subscription and noticed that this course was going to be one that's included with my package. I probably wouldn't take the exam


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    You can check out eLearnSecurity PND
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    That looks like a pretty decent course
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    I was really close to getting this course but got the CEH instead. Also thought about PND. If you go through it, please let us know how it went.
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    Go for exam, if you have voucher. I passed my CND exam today.
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    dkorzhevin wrote: »
    Go for exam, if you have voucher. I passed my CND exam today.

    Can you tell us about the exam and what material you've used?
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    CompTIA has their Cybersecurity Analyst + (CSA+). Cisco has their CCNA: Cyber Ops. And Logical Operations has their Cybersec First Responder (CFR-210). Of the three, only LO's is DoD 8570 compliant, at this point. Won't be long before the other two are acceptable as well. CFR is good for CSSP classifications.
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    This was mentioned in a previous post about this cert but I'll reiterate. 0 job searches come up for this certification so it's probably a waste of time if you're looking at it like that.
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    If I am going to get some real hands on, I stopped caring about name recognition. By all means, get something recognizable at first, but move to something more real world as soon as possible. I have been at enough interviews where people laughed at some certs and got down to asking the questions that would be required to know how to work through only if you have done some work.
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