Passed Server+, would Security+ be a good next step?

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Hey everyone,

I passed the Server+ today with an 858/900. And man I have the CERT BUG right now! Hope it's not all gone to my head, but I'm feeling pretty proud, and well...I am more motivated than I have ever been to impress the boss and start working towards the next big thing! (apparently a small yet appreciated raise is coming my way now I've got the server+, but why not throw in a few more for good measure) :)

I want to jump right in to my next one but I also want to have a fairly easy go of it, do you think Security+ would be a good next step? I want to avoid Net+ for now, I started studying for this one about 6 months ago and found the material very difficult. I will get it in time, I'd just prefer not immediately - struggled big time with the subnet questions on the server+ today, blah. Want to get a few other certs under my belt first.

For those of you that have taken both - which one was more challenging? Is there quite a bit of overlap?

I'm currently a desktop technician. Would love to get a job as a sysadmin.


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    CompTIA recommends taking network+ before Security+ as a lot of the information overlaps. It won't hurt to check out a Security book from the library to get a feel for the material.
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    I would recommend you to take the network+ before security+, trust me it will make more sense.

    If you want to land in sysadmin job go for MCSA windows server.
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    Since the material was difficult in the beginning for you I would go network+ then security+. Security+ assumes you understand basic networking and security fundamentals which it tests you on so you need the Net+ info. Don't over study or overthink it. A win is a win wither by an inch or a mile.

    Congrats on the pass.
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