Losing my touch in IT

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I don't know what happened, at work I cant seem to function anymore while thinking about what might be wrong with certain things. Sitting at home at night, I usually end up figure everything out and than you have to explain why you couldn't figure it out before? I'm in a very high role and I feel like I might lose it or I'm just losing my touch in IT these days


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    Can you take a vacation? Can you go for walks during your lunch break? Maybe things will come to you while you're walking.
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    You are not losing your touch, you just need a different approach. Exercising before work (or at lunch), helps me to refocus.
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    Yeah, burn out, agree with the others, take a break and learn to focus elsewhere sometimes. I go to the gym/martial arts at night. I leave it all on the mat and by the end of the night I'm soaked in sweat and thinking about security issues is about the last thing on my mind. The next day it starts up again but it's good to have a mental reset.
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    Yup- agree with the others. You just sound burned out. I read from multiple sources that successful people take the weekend off- at least most of it.

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    I took a 9mo hiatus from IT (5mos off in 2015, 4mo off in 2016), I had to change jobs & just took my time on finding new IT work...It was much needed and it definitely recharged me. I was on severe IT burnout.
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    I was suffering from burnout at my last job but really like me current one. I do find myself thinking about my career about 23 hours a day. Find a hobby to get your mind away from work. We bought a boat a few years ago and although we aren't o it Monday thru Thursday, when I am on it work is the furthest thing from my mind. And during the week I try to think about being on the boat icon_surprised.gif. Keeps me sane...or at least keeps me from getting more insane icon_surprised.gif
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    You just need to find time for yourself to have a mental break. That can be a vacation, meditation, massage, etc. Small things in your daily routine can also help give you mental relaxation like cardio, yoga, and reading.
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