ADM compatibility with Server 2012 R2

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Hello all,

I've recently started a new job where we are in the process of upgrading DC's to Server 2012 R2. Two techies here claim that adm GPO's are not supported once we upgrade the DFL to 2012 and all GPO's based on adm files will stop working. I can not find any information about this on the web whatsoever.

We have tons of GPO's which have adm files within their UID folder but whenever you would edit them or even look at the settings the administrative templates are retrieved from the central store (which we have with latest admx files). Am I right in assuming that the adm files are ignored because we have the central store? I guess if we used some custom adm files then these might pose problems but otherwise everything should be fine? I know there's ADMX migrator tool but it seems to be designed to migrate obscure adm files to admx, standard windows settings are covered with default admx files?

I'd rather avoid recreating all old GPO's just so they do not have adm files in them, but my guess is I can safely delete all adm's from sysvol and all will be fine?

Any advice would be appreciated,



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    In case anyone wondered, seems i was right. Ran a script from technet to remove all adm files and all is well. Still don't know if it had to be done though!
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