issues with Advanced System Settings that are causing errors

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I recently decided to upgrade vSphere to 6.5 from 6.
I did vCenter first of course and now I am starting on our esxi hosts. After first esxi host upgrade to 6.5, I got an alert saying "system logs are stored on non-persistent storage". So I found the setting Advanced System Settings of the host and changed that parameter to a datastore. But then when I attempted to save the changes it alerts me that there are other parameters that are unacceptable. I attempted to change these parameters as well but one of them I am unable to change to what I need to be and the other one I have no idea what it should be.
These are the settings in question:
  • Net.NetPktSlabFreePercentThreshold - currently set to 2 but it says it has to be between 10 - 50. I really don't know what it should be.
  • VSAN-iSCSI.ctlWorkerThreads - currently set to 4294967295 but I want to set it to -1 but the field is not allowing me to enter the negative sign! (Number of worker threads. -1 means auto-calculate based on CPU count)


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    I had the same issue with system logs on non-persistent storage. I followed the vSphere Web Client steps here https://kb.vmware.com/kb/1033696, but I too couldn't save because other parameters were invalid. Finally I figured out the solution:

    Create the ".locker-ESXHostname" folder on the datastore first. Then you can change the setting under Advanced Settings without issue. Why it doesn't care about the other settings when you do it this way is beyond me. But it truly works!!
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