Which way should I go with currently job?

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Good Morning Everyone,

I am new here but have been reading alot of the info on all the forums which is helpful and very impressive. I have a question on what I should do. Currently I am a program analyst on a contract for program management support. I only been here for 2 months and in the groove of what my duties are. Currently atteneding college to get an AA in Computer Networking and Technology which will be done next June. I have been looking all over on what the right career path would be for me. The only cert I have is Comptia IT Fundamentals but currently looking at getting CAPM (which i have the educational hours for) or Project+ due to me working with nothing but PM's. Should I go ther route of Project Manager or go more with program management, and what cert's should I start to get along the way?


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    If you are already employed, go for the higher up cert like CAPM.
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    Does your current role provide program management support for IT? As for a certification, the foundation and strategy of program management comes from managing related projects, so the CAPM will be a better certification to obtain. I think you need to think about what you like doing or can see yourself being fulfilled with in your career path. If program management is your long term goal then you'll need to build work experience and aim for a certification path like CAPM--->PMP--->PgMP. If you're going to use your AA degree to land a technical IT role then you should think about selecting a specialized IT area (i.e. networking) and choose certifications that can land you a senior level role (i.e. CCNA, CCNP, etc.).
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    Thanks mikey88 and crypto appreciate the feedback.
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    If you like project management, go for the CAPM. Project+ is a dead end. When I studied for the CAPM I used a PMP study guide, which ended up being completely suitable for passing the exam. While a CAPM can't be upgraded to a PMP, the exam experience is similar from what I've read, so you'll be better prepared come PMP time.
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