SANS SEC 503 changed?

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^^ the website says "NEW", can't see changes to the topic or am I missing something?

I took the course last year but didn't do the exam, however I wanna do it later this year...not sure how much changed icon_sad.gif

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    Technically I think Book 6 is new. I don't have that one from when I took the class. It's just a workbook back then but the material looks the same.
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    Best bet is to go through the day by day topics on the website and match them up to your books. Also go to GIACs site and go through each topic to see if those topics are in your books.
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    Day 3 have some changes with section on Scapy and HTTP(2)/TLS.

    Day 6 is now based on new NetWars Engine.
    NetWars: IDS Version challenge
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    Is Day 6 material covered in the exam or is it just for the challenge? the main topics seem to be more or less the same

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  • cavijayancavijayan Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Not tested in the exam. But all content for the Day 6 is based on Day 1 to Day 5.

    Netwars is hands on gaming component. Something like quiz.
    Your questions will be divided into different levels.
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