People who mess up your project

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How do you deal with someone who is brought in or steps into a project you have been working on and they end up messing up a whole project and setting everything back a month. Lets say this person is in "senior leadership" and they were brought in as to advise but later it turns out they had no idea what they were doing and they ended up causing many, many headaches for you and your project.


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    That's just reality in 99% of organizations out there. Do your best to advise, but at the end of the day the leadership makes the decisions. Make sure its documented so you can nicely "told you so" after the fact. If they still don't listen find a new job that will.
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    document everything!
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    Ok, this is an odd one :)

    Sorry for airing this out in the open, I understand many people in the IT field don't do this..
    I was thanked today on a meeting and they said they appreciate everything I have been doing to resolve/fix anything that needed to be fixed. Either way, a slight mistake on my part, and everyone else who was involved in senior leadership but I was thanked for my efforts trying to fix everything. I feel a lot better now :)
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