Can anyone provide insight on this job?

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I'm not currently in the job market, but a friend shared a job posting with me that he thought I would be a good fit for. The position is through a staffing agency for a 6 month contract. The position title is GPU Test Technician. I have a face-to-face interview with the client within the next week.

The job post was interesting and I felt I met some of the requirements they are looking for, but the post is also vague enough that I cannot determine exactly what I would be doing. The posting is as follows:

"Must haves:
- Familiarity with GPUs
- Experience with NVIDIA and AMD Graphics
- Knowledge of Linux (i.e. RedHat, SuSE)
- Troubleshooting, problem solving, multi-tasking, and organization skills

Nice to have
- Experience with CUDA and/or RoCM
- Hands-on experience testing, developing, or administering server products (Rack, Tower, Modular)
- Experience with systems management interfaces (System Setup/HII, Lifecycle Controller, iDRAC)
- Knowledge of PCIe signaling and transactions along with the ability to collect and review PCIe traces preferred

Job Duties:
Support development of GPUs through development activities such as debug, test creation and test execution. Includes setting up systems and networks to run complex customer scenarios to gather thermal and electrical data."

I'm comfortable with using Linux systems, server hardware and interfaces, familiar with GPUs and how they can be used for parallel processing (I'm guessing this is the intention because they mention servers). But then in the "Nice to have" they include CUDA and RoCM. The job duties also indicate debugging and test creation. This leads me to think parallel processing coding will come into play. Something that I have touched on but do not have a lot of experience with.

I don't want to go into this interview without a better understanding of what the job entails, as it would be a step up for me in pay and experience. I was wondering if anyone who has done GPU testing on this level, or otherwise understands exactly what this job is, could provide some insight on what to expect.


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    Sounds like crypto-currency mining computers, lite-coins are mined using graphic cards running parallel processes. Another possibility is high end Virtual Reality, but I'm hard pressed to think of another application for this kind of setup.
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    Why don't you inquire to them about it? Sometimes places realize people (applicants) don't have all the requirements, but interview people anyway.
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    @TechGromit - the client is Dell. So testing GPUs to go into servers intended to house multiple GPUs seems likely. On the other hand, the description stated "Support the development of GPUs", last I checked Dell doesn't personally manufacture GPUs so it seems off. Another staffing agency posted the same position with the title "chip test technician", everything else about the post was copy/paste exactly as this one... The alternate title is both relevant and misleading simultaneously.

    @Scaredoftests - I have contacted the staffing agency asking for more details, but I don't have a direct line with the hiring manager at Dell to ask them. Seeing as multiple staffing agencies posted clone copies of the job requirements and description, I'm hesitant to think I will get any additional info from them.
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    TechGromit wrote: »
    Sounds like crypto-currency mining computers...

    My thought's exactly. Job listing isn't in China, is it? ;P
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    Austin metropolitan area. And I just heard back from the recruiter that the interview will be with an Electrical Principal Engineer and Graphics Engineer. They didn't have any additional input about the specific job duties.

    Welp, guess I'm off to brush up on CUDA just in case!
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    Ok, good luck!!
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