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Passed this morning with a 777. I honestly did not think it was as tough as Network+ or even that bad at all actually, but I ended up with a lower score. On pretty much all the ones I didn't know, I could narrow it down to 50/50 and give it a go. I must've had bad luck and gotten almost all of them wrong since I honestly felt like I had a shot at the 800 range if a few of them went my way.

I knocked the sim ones out of the ballpark.

Definitely would stick mainly to Gibson's material. I used his book and his online practice tests. I think the extra money for his practice tests are worth it since all five of my sims were similar to what he had on his site. Otherwise, I might've been in trouble. He recommends to be scoring consistently in the 90's on his tests and I'd agree.

Lastly, I side with many here in saying that it's good to go through all the objectives and explain them out loud. If you can do all these, you should be set. This test is really not that bad if you use his material.


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    I plan to take my exam in a couple weeks. I've mostly been just reading Gibson's book but will check out the website as well.
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