Here's a Bit of Data on Which Cisco Certifications Are in Demand

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I was doing some research today on which Cisco Certs are in demand, specifically the specialization tracks beyond R/S. I searched for specific terms on indeed.com and my search was nationwide for the USA. Any post that turned up the specific results were included without further vetting.

"CCNA Data Center" or "CCNA DC" = 24 postings
"CCNP Data Center" or "CCNP DC" = 45 postings
"CCIE Data Center" or "CCIE DC" = 31 postings

"CCNA Collaboration" or "CCNA Voice" = 173 postings
"CCNP Collaboration" or "CCNP Voice" = 207 postings
"CCIE Collaboration" or "CCIE Voice" = 115 postings

"CCDA" = 315 postings
"CCDP" = 620 postings
"CCDE" = 80 postings

"CCNA Security" or "CCNA:S" = 1056 postings
"CCNP Security" or "CCNP:S" = 213 postings
"CCIE Security" or "CCIE:S" = 113 postings

"CCNA Wireless" = 60 postings
"CCNP Wireless" = 59 postings
"CCIE Wireless" = 22 postings

For a comparison I also threw in the CWNA and NP which are vendor neutral wireless certs:
"CWNA" 89 postings
"CWNP" 30 postings

To give a sort of general comparison to overall demand here are the results for the less specific pro and expert level search terms:

"CCIE" = 2029
"CCNP" = 4510

I feel that there are a few obvious takeaways from this data:

1. Clearly Security and Collaboration are the 2 expert level specializations in the most demand, this matches other data that I've seen on the inter webs.

2. The design track up to CCDP seems pretty widely known and requested.

3. The CCNA security is the most requested Associate level track aside from R/S

4. Wireless and DC postings are out there, but I'd wager a guess that the knowledge for those is much more in demand than the certs themselves.

5. R/S is still far and away the most in demand track, at least in terms of certifications requested with over 2000 results for CCIE, but less than 400 of them likely relating to a specialization track.

I'd hardly call this study authoritative, but I thought it might help some of you who, like me, are trying to decide what specialization they are interested in pursuing long term. Regardless of this data I'm still very interested in the DC track myself, interested to hear what you all think?


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    jdancerjdancer Member Posts: 482 ■■■■□□□□□□
    drewbert87 wrote: »
    "CCNA Security" or "CCNA:S" = 1056 postings

    I wonder if these positions that are requesting a CCNA:S as a nice to have or required to meet a DoD IAT requirement. Or the employer really wants to hire firewall engineers? I find CCNA:S mostly used to meet DoD IAT requirements.
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    drewbert87drewbert87 Member Posts: 16 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I'd imagine the fact that it meets a DoD requirement increases demand at least to some extent, yeah.
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