What does Active Directory IT support tasks entail?

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Hi Guys,

I am starting a new role as a network admin next week which will include helping the desktop support guys doing some active directory and MS exchange work along with desktop app troubleshooting.

I am coming from an OS X environment so Ive been learning Active directory in my spare time in the build up to starting.

Whilst studying I hae mainly been learning ocnfigurations and set ups of user accounts, shared drives, Group policies ECT ECT.

I was just wondering if someone could enlighten me as to what sort of troubleshooting tasks I might come accross in a medium sized enduser buisness???

Also aside from exchange configurations, what can I expect to troubleshoot with that is well?


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    I would think add users, computers and servers. See if user accounts are locked out.
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    account (username) details, what organizational unit (OU) they are in, password resets, password change prompts, password expiry, what caused a lockout, home folder verification, group memberships (which include security groups and distribution lists).

    Things like OU and security groups affect what permissions a user has to what network services. Its sort of like a phone book, but with security built in.

    Good luck. You'll get really good at pw resets after your first one lol.
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    Password resets...
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