What next to keep progressing?

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I'm currently employed on a 2nd line networks team, mainly dealing with incident passed from service desk for BAU dealing with return to service issues. Lately I've been doing firewall/routing changes a bit as well.

I'm quite new to this role - 6 months- and also quite new to IT in general - 6 months on help desk, before that I was a retail manager. I passed CCNA in January and I'm currently working towards CCNP which I hope to pass in the new year.

What I'm asking is how do I keep the progression coming, what skills/knowledge would I find most usefull if I was looking to progress to a project/3rd line role?

Faultfinding/returning to service is something I feel pretty confident in now- LAN issues normally present me with no issues, routing is usually pretty clear to me. Firewall, static routing and NAT config is something I'm currently getting more experience in. What should I be looking at next to get more knowledge? As I work for a large MSP I have plenty of opportunities to get some hands on with load balancers, encryptors etc if needed.


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    Start looking into

    1) network security

    2) cloud computing

    security + cloud = FTW!
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    I think your CCNP goal is great to be honest. I wouldn't over think it, (Not much fun I know), but in all truth CCNP is amazing for your resume and career.

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    I'm in the same scenario myself, I'm not sure if I should get my CCNA then get a specialty NA(Security, Wireless) or go straight for my CCNP and then specialize. Decisions, decisions....!!
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    I'd recommend taking your studies to the next level and going after NP. Make it known at work too that you are taking this on. Develop relationships with the 3rd line support guys. Pick their brains and see if they can delegate you some of their tasks. Speak with their manager and show your interest and ask them what you can do to get to that next level.
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    Pabb wrote: »
    Maybe try to work on Your portfolio ? It could be the case for progressing faster than in normal company (I guess you do mostly the same stuff every day). Try to do both at the same time for now. Then you can progressin within Your company or just stay as freelancer if you would like to. One website I can recommend is useme.eu - mostly couse there are a lot of jobs and you get invoices. By collecting them You can always go to the Boss and show him Your worth or byebye him

    Pushing awful hard on that site, aren't you Pabb?
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