H1B Visa.

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What is the best way(website etc) to apply for an H1B visa sponsored jobs. I cannot find anything on the internet i.e. jobs offering H1B visa.
About myself, I am a Security consultant (with certs like Cissp, Cism, Crisc,Ccsp among the big ones) working in Australian government as a contractor. I am from Pakistan(Pakistani Passport). Been working in Australia for 1 year now(work visa). Used to work in UK before that for almost 5 years. Overall experience of about 9 years.


  • joelsfoodjoelsfood Member Posts: 1,027 ■■■■■■□□□□
    H1B would require a job to sponsor, as far as I know. So you would want to start looking for jobs that are looking for your skills and notated (generally says one way or another, or at least says no if they're not able to sponsor) as willing to sponsor. There are probably sites that specifically cater to H1b jobs, but I've never looked myself.
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