How To Capture Logs Properly

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This seems like a stupid question but I have to ask it because it is most of the time done by vendors.

Part 1 How To Capture Logs Properly Using Putty?
1. What option do you select under the logging session?
2. How do you check whether the show run is properly and completely captured?
3. In the event that a disaster happens, do I paste it back line by line?
Sometimes the ----"more----" will disrupt the flow of text in the file.

Part 2 Using SecureCRT, Bryan was able to replicate his typed in commands in all of his routers,
what is the shortcut key for doing this?


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    Putty allow you to log a session to a txt file.

    You need to configure your cisco device with the command "terminal length 0" so that it display everything without pressing a key for more.

    In the event of a disaster as long as you didnt run the command "write memory" or " copy run start" you can reboot your device, but is a good practice to have backups of your config which you can copy paste as is.

    In crt you need to usr a chat windows to send commands to all tabs.

    Hope this help.
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    I've used Fortinet's KB FD36043 for capturing logs in Putty. Works.
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    1. Open Putty
    2. Under Session category select Loggin
    3. Choose "All session output" and enter your desired log file name (the default is putty.log)
    4. go back to Session category and enter the IP address or hostname of the device you want to connect to and open the SSH connection.
    5. All information and commands during this session will be logged accordingly.

    If you're using Cisco IOS to capture the session log information (i.e. show running-configuration) then you should be able to past the content back into your IOS device excluding the actual configure mode commands that issued the configuration output. Also, you will have to manually regenerate the RSA crypto key needed to enable SSH.
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    I had another options actually. paging disabled in asa firewall.
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