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I'm not much of a reader. Previously had SEC + 301 needed to re-test did not renew CEU's. I suffer from attention disorder and need to re-certify in sec + in the next couple of months. I've tried reading Darril Gibson but I don't retain enough. Does anyone have any experience with MeasureUp practice exams? I've heard from multiple friends that if you pass all the measureUp exams you should be good to go for the real test. Any thoughts. I plan on studying Darrril Gibson as most on this forum have had success. I'm looking for alternative learning methods to be successful. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    I have ADD pretty badly. Here's what I do, I switch between practice tests, Professor Messers videos, his notes, I write my own notes, read pages from study books, and drink red bull.

    I switch between all of that as much as my mind allows and I get up and move around every 20 minutes. That's how I study for everything, distract myself constantly with different forms of the same material. Trust me, it helps a lot.
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