Payment Processor/Website Platform Recommendation

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Hey all, Just looking for some feedback on which Payment Processor you would recommend and also Website Platform.
I will be creating a site and would like to use a payment processor, I was thinking on the lines of starting with PayPal first and adding a donation section to it... The platform I am thinking of using is Wordpress but may use one of the mainly personal/professional ones for Weebly/Wix..

This is to just start off and may grow it and move to Wordpress or just start it off with Wordpress and use Strip/Shopify or some commerce. This would be my very first website and I want to use it to sell products. I may want to use it for selling membership or services. Gonna read up on some other threads that may have more info... Thanks everyone!


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    Square/Paypal for processing. Wordpress works well for a website/store combo. If you're only be selling stuff, a more dedicated shopping cart software like opencart/shopify etc may work better.

    Also, go with a cloud hosting provider so you can scale faster if needed.
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    You will want to read up on PCI-DSS. To keep things simple you will not want to have your website render any part of the page where credit card data is input by the customer.
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    if you are doing payments, stay as far away from wordpress as possible... one of the most insecure platforms in the world... I am biased because I work for a very very large processor... it depends on your needs... definitely read up on PCI-DSS and learn. regardless of who you go with, you want to make sure they encrypt at swipe/dip ( you would be amazed at how many smaller firms dont)
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    A popular open source software will be a bigger target, but there is a way to make it more secure just as with anything else.

    He will be using a third party for CC processing.
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