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Hi tech community,

I'm currently preparing for my ITIL SO exam. I attended the course, studied the course material well & read most of the key element guide provided. I attempted both mock exams provided by my training company and I passed both. I passed one of them with a score of 31/40 which is pretty low to me. I'm not sure what else I need to do to enhance my chances of passing the actual exam? I'm going to re-read the material anyways but not sure how this would help much as I already spent a month studying those extensively..Any advice anyone? P.S: I need to take my exam by next week.


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    Hi Nou88, one thing you can do is ask your training provider for the OSA sample exams. That course covers similar subject areas so it will give you some extra exam practice. If you're passing the sample exams it sounds like you're in pretty good shape for the real thing - good luck! Claire
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    Hi Claire,

    Thank you for your reply. I heard the actual exams are much harder than the mock exams, that is why I was concerned that the current score is not sufficient. Honestly, I'm a bit nervous because everyone told me the exam is usually difficult and many had the feeling they won't pass during the exam. It's part of my career development in my company, so I need to pass it. Hopefully I will.
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    [FONT=&quot]Practice and practice harder[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

    Yes, this is the ‘mantra’ you would need to follow before the ITIL Foundation exam. Work on ITIL sample papers and practice questions as that will let you evaluate your preparation and give you a grasp of the real exam. While working on ITIL practice tests, make sure that you are following the time duration. This will help you finish the actual exam on time. Most of the participants fail the exam due to shortage of time; therefore practice can help you attain perfection.

    [FONT=&quot]Many participants answer as per the current or previous organization standards, which can backfire during the examination. Therefore while attempting for the foundation level exam, think only of ITIL and not your organization. This exam is to evaluate your understanding on the ITIL processes, functions and concepts, and not about how your organization implements ITIL

    best luck .............[/FONT]
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    Hi Nou88, we are told as trainers that the sample and live exam questions come out of the same 'pot', but knowing you're doing a real exam can make it seem more difficult. Keep calm, and don't second guess yourself. We often have candidates tell us they changed some answers at the last minute and then wished they hadn't! Good luck icon_smile.gif
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    Hi Claire/All,

    Thanks a lot for guiding me & giving me advice on the SO exam. I just took my test and passed with 34/40. Appreciate your help & encouragement :)
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    I passed my SO exam and would like to proceed in my journey . What do you suggest I tackle next? I am in the servicedesk department.
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