now that I'm A+ Certified.....

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What is the average pay range for a certified computer tech?


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    drogers81 wrote:
    What is the average pay range for a certified computer tech?


    That's a pretty loaded question!

    It depends? What sort of experience do you bring to the table? A certification is not a guarantee and A+ only really doesn't qualify you to be much more then an 'educated' board swapper in many respects.

    What sort of market are you in? Are you in a larger city? Smaller? East coast? West coast? Midwest? Outside the US?

    Now with the frigging minimum wage BS in the US, the lowest you could be paid is that amount. Depending on the company (size) and your skills, pay could be between $6-$12 per hour.

    In some cases, I've seen the $5.15 (old mim wage) plus commision-based pay. For each billable hour, you could earn a portion of the work you completed. Returned for service and warranty work were not counted in that bonus....which caused a couple of the 'sluggs' to cherry-pick work and leave all the warranty work to whoever was the last person in (supposed to take service work in the order it arrived...there is always someone in the group who doesn't play by the rules icon_rolleyes.gif ).

    Anyway, on a good week, the techs could average $10-$12 with bonus pay..one guy could clear $16-$20 easily, but he was able to go one site and service business clients (most business was end-use in this shop).

    If you are looking to work in a computer store, then I would expect that you might need to work on the sales floor prior to them allowing you to touch client boxes, but it really depends on what is available where you live and how you present yourself.
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    drogers81 wrote:
    What is the average pay range for a certified computer tech?
    it has a lot to do with your experience and where your geographical location is in the country.

    wasington state will pay techs who have experience 20 to 24/hr. it depends on where you apply as well. if you work retail..your pay will drop. 13/hr to work at places like comp usa or in house tech at best buy.

    the retail places can be a good place to gain experience if you don't already work in an IT outfit.

    regardless of where you decide to work, continue getting the other certs that headhunters filter their resume searches for. monster.com and dice.com (tech site) is a good place to see what is in demand.

    you'll find a lot of demand for network certs and experience.
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