CISSP Preparation Methods Question

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Hi guys,

Started studying for the CISSP about a week ago, currently reading the Sybex 7th edition recommend by most on the forum.

I need some recommendations on material as this exam looks like a serious challenge vs Sec+ which I passed recently.

Current material owned\used:
  • Sybex - 7th edition Official Study Guide with practice test book (just me or anyone felt a bit lost already in the first chapter? Seems to be covering quite a few concepts already in chapter 1.)
  • Cybrary - Kelly's videos
Looking into getting the following material additionally(need some recommendations here):
  • Shon Harris AIO or Eric Conrad CISSP Study Guide? Or both?
  • Eric Conrad's 11th hour
  • Learnzapp - Official study app (bundle)
  • CCCure seems to be recommended most
  • Any other material perhaps?
In IT about 6-7 years. Currently at about 1.5 years as a Network and Security administrator. Just to give you an idea of total experience. Will be aiming for ISC2 associate and make up the remainder years required for full certification.

Could someone also recommend me a good study method used? I know this differs from person to person, but I feel with the amount of studying required for this exam I am going to need a good tactical study plan. For example, read Sybex book through, make notes on second read, after first read through do a few practice tests per day etc etc.

EDIT: Forgot to add. Thinking of writing in December. 4.5 months should be enough correct?

Will appreciate any feedback and I'm sure this will assist future forumites on planning for the CISSP icon_thumright.gif


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    I'd suggest taking a full (250 question) practice test. I think that would help you determine better than anything else the domains to focus on.
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    I feel the material you have is sufficient for exam preparation. As for a study method, you can try to read a chapter of Sybex, do the end of chapter questions in the book, and then do the end of chapter questions within their online engine. If there are any concepts or key terms you have difficulty retaining then refer back to the book for clarity. Once you're finished with the Sybex book, you should start practicing with test questions via Sybex online engine and/or CCCure. Additionally, you can start going through Cybrary videos to reinforce the domain concepts. Once you're scoring above 80% on all exams, you should be ready to take the real thing. During your last week, you should read the 11th Hour as a quick refresher. Good luck!
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    The sybex and syngress online practice tests were the best IMHO. All I did was read both books and the 11th hour book and did the online practice tests.

    I tried CCCure... but it was horrible. I did about 80 questions and felt dumber for having stuck it out for 80 questions.
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    Thanks for the advice so far guys icon_cool.gif
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    So i studied and passed the exam in 2 months, I read through the sybex book you have. Than i watched all of the videos from kelly on cybrary (these where the most helpful) after that i read eric conrads 11th hours and took CCCure practice exams until i made it through all of the questions. I than took 3 practice exams 250 questions (2 from the sybex book website and 1 from cccure) a couple days before the exam i watched the cybrary videos of subjects i was weak on. I also re read those weak subjects in the 11th hours book. You can find your weak areas from the exams. I did 3 hours a day monday-friday and 6 hours every saturday and sunday.

    you dont need the AIO it has too much fluff and will fill your brain with stuff you dont really need (its a good book but way to much info for this exam)
    Eric conrads 11th hour and CISSP study guide 3rd edition is really good as well.

    What i used: Sybex book and online practice exams, Cybrary, Eric's 11th hour and CISSP Study guide, and CCCure.

    Sybex has a paid app for 9 bucks that i would use on my lunch break its the same practice exams from the book and has flash cards.
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    Thanks to all for the advice and recommendations! icon_cool.gif

    I have decided to use the following material:
    Sybex - 7th edition Official Study Guide
    Sybex - Practice Test book + Online Practice Tests
    Cybrary - Kelly's videos
    Eric Conrad's 11th hour
    Learnzapp - Official study app (bundle)
    Might look into CCCure
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