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Hello All,

First off apologies if this has been posted somewhere else, but I'm having serious problems finding the answers via google, CompTIA's site, ect...

I'm trying to figure out how to do a renewal if my certification has already expired. It expired a couple of years back and now a new job I'm working with has an offer on the table, but they are going to withdraw it if I don't get the Security+ cert. So, basically I need to pass the test! However, I'm trying to figure out what my least cost option is going to be and I've seen some things about a renewal option. So question time!

1. Am I able to renew the cert if it has already expired?
2. Am I able to do this via an exam or is it only available through the "Continued Education Credits"?
2a. If I am able to do it via an exam, got a link?
3. Any coupon links would be GREATLY appreciated! :D

Thanks all!


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    You cannot renew an expired cert. You will need to take the exam again by registering with PearsonVUE. eBay tends to have the best deals on voucher codes.
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    If you are enrolled in any school or any educational institution, you may use discount vouchers from comptia academic program.
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