Another CCSP passed story

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Hi guys,

I just passed my CCSP exam this morning and I thought I would share a bit about my experience.

Like others have said before me, knownlege from CISSP helped me create a great foundation for this exam. Also, as I previously prepared for CISA and CISM in June, I felt quite confident answering questions related to Auditing, what to do following a scenario and SLA. Most of the questions in the exam were not difficult ; some had obvious answers to be honest. However, because my weak domain was related to web application (SAML, RestApi and stuffs like that), I have made quite a few educated guesses for those types of questions. There were also questions I did not know the answer to. I finished the exam in 2 hours, but spent another 30 minutes reviewing all answers.

In order to prepare for this exam, I read:

The Study Guide: very easy to understand but the concepts are quite brief. I had to reinforce my knowledge with the Official CBK

About the Official CBK, I only used it as a reference as most questions from cccure have explanations from it. Talking about cccure, I used the trial account $20 for 100 questions (it got more expensive since the time I took CISSP)

I also used my free trial on safaribooksonline to read through the AIO in a week.

I read through enisa and csa document once. Did not retain much.

I read the jerucho document about cloud cube model too

Practice questions:
You can use the practice questions from AIO (300 questions) + Study Guide questions (700) + cccure (143 max) + review questions from the Official CBK book (70).

I felt ok going in as I scored about 80% in study guide questions but only 70% in cccure. Knowledge from other certs definitely helped me a lot.

I did not have time to review all the NIST 800-144 to 146. I skimmed through them. Also, I was just tired of reading more materials.

Good luck to those who will take it. My next stop will be AWS or CCE. I have not decided yet as forensics in the cloud could become very interesting.


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    Congrats on the pass!!! This one is on my wish list, but will probably not pursue it.
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