103 Passed!

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Took LXO-103 this morning, and passed through.

Not much to add to the many threads on the subject here, but wanted to add my own two cents.

For the record, I had one of the versions of the test with a lot of fill in the blank. I stopped counting at 10, but it was at least 11, and possibly as many as 15.

For prep, I watched some of the Linux Academy videos, and then focused pretty much on the uCertify resources that WGU made available. All of the material on the test was covered by the uCertify material, including the questions I missed. I thought uCertify actually did a good job.

I did find myself falling into a trap however. It is very easy to get lulled into uCertify's style. uCertify presents and then tests on information in a similar manner, so I tended to learn it in that style. When I was asked about the same material in CompTIA's style, it caused a bit of anxiety. I think doing all of the review questions 3 times, as well as all of the quizzes and practice tests only reinforced this. I would recommend looking at practice questions from another source, other than uCertify or LPI. (LPI created the uCertify content.)

LXO-103 is 100% concentrated on command line Linux. It also focuses on Red Hat based systems (CentOS, Fedora) and Debian based systems (Ubuntu). That said, the content is higher level, and really isn't specific to a distribution. Only to the different flavors of distribution. Think deb vs rpm, YUM vs APT, systemd vs SysV. IF you understand it at that level, and the associated differences, you will be fine.

Last thing is the FITB questions. I know many have struggled with knowing whether to put the full command, command with parameters, full path, etc. For my test, the question actually specified what was required. If it wanted a full path, it stated that. If it wanted just the command, it stated that too. I don't know if this is a new change, but the FITB questions were actually very clear.

Hope it helps someone else. On to 104 next!


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