CRISC cert ?

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I am looking at my next cert following CISSP, and going more and more into risk assessment in my carreer, or at least, this is where I want to go.

CRISC could make sense, but I would like to have more feedback about this cert, as if you are really learning more about risk assessment. I watched Cybrary video and,.., it is not very elaborate, so I assume the video doesn't cover the complete subject but is more or less an introduction. So, please, if you did that cert, I want to hear from you! :)

My others options are CCSP, the cloud cert with ISC2, a good bet considering the cloud trend at the moment, and keeping it more simple with ISC2, and not going with Isaca just yet ;)

CEH, well, I consider this one for the only reason that, people assume you know these things! You work in security then you know how to hack stuff right ? Well, I know the principles, and where to look, but not really more than that, except risk assessment about it. I think this one could also be interresting as I am still 'young' in my career. But for this one, I could also just watch the Cybrary Video, read a book or two without passing the cert, and I would probably be happy with it.

Any guidance will be appreciated :)


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    I wouldn't judge CRISC by the Cybrary videos.

    You'll need to know the entire risk management process and risk mitigating controls to pass the CRISC.
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    I found studying for the CRISC to be good for my work life. Learned a lot of stuff I could directly apply (higher level [usually] infosec mgt). you hardly ever see it on job descriptions or anything, though, so i wouldn't count on it helping your resume out a lot.
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