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Hi Guys,

My Company have just announced that they will be doing "Apprenticeships". Basically, they are offering training courses, but they pay for everything. I have applied for Network Engineer which is 3 Stages. Stage 1, you are given the option of CCNA, N+ or entry level Juniper.

Now I already have the N+, and hope to have the CCNA soon so my only option is Juniper, Juniper JNCIA - Junus and then Juniper JNCIS - Ent.

Ive done some research and it seems quite high in demand, what are your thoughts please? Will the CCNA put me in good stead for the Juniper courses?


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    Go for it. The CLI is very different, and takes some getting used to. You would probably understand it immediately after using Cisco, but it's a lot more to type. I've only read the book for the service provider track, not the enterprise one. I noticed right away that BGP, MPLS, and IS-IS were included, which are not on CCNA routing and switching, but the bulk of it is the same concepts applied with a different vendor. If nothing else, you'd get a good review of protocols from a different perspective. I didn't test in it yet. I'll schedule that once the CCNP is done. Just did some reading to help with the Junipers I use at work.
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    Thanks Josh. Only just had an update from work. They are reviewing applications and will be in touch soon.
    Will keep you updated.

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