NEW TO IT PASSED GSEC on first attempt!!!!!!

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I am completely new to IT, never worked in the field as a matter of fact I am retired military police offer. Today I passed and it feels really good. This is the first IT Cert I have ever to all those new to IT have faith and study. For those of us new to this we have to put in extra time, not just highlighting thru books. I took the live course thru SANS back in March, I would suggest that you go thru SANS if you are able to. I read each book twice. I also watched tons of videos on Linux Security, Windows security, Active Directory and anything in the objects. I spent more time on Linux as I was totally new to Linux. If you read the books, do the labs and take the practice tests and quizzes you will succeed!!!! I only created indexes for Windows Security and Linux as those were the areas I felt I was weakest in and yes I did create an index but I did it my way and based on my weaknesses. You have to study and understand what your doing in these systems this is not the memorization type of test.


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    Congratulations, understanding the concepts is the key to passing the exams. You can really fly though the conceptional questions when you understand the theory behind them, gives you more time to look up what does the "WXYZ -d -e /r" command with options do type questions.
    Still searching for the corner in a round room.
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