Realistic Timescales for Network+

WoolnutWoolnut Member Posts: 7 ■■■□□□□□□□
Hi Everyone,

I have been lurking around for a little while on here before eventually deciding to join the community and i have a few questions about taking the Network+ Exam.

I am looking to take the exam early September and have began to study using Mike Meyer's videos on Udemy, and also the CompTIA CertMaster (which i have heard VERY mixed opinions on!). A good family friend who has been doing networks his entire life and has said the Network+ is a good one to start on and said i should be able to clear it within 4-6 weeks of studying...Is this realistic?!

My average score is about 60% on a few practice tests i have done over the last few days... I see the pass mark for the Network+ is 720 out of 900 / 80% so it seems i am a fair way off at the moment.

I will be spending a little more time reading through some of the threads here i haven't looked at yet, but if anyone has any advice on what to do / not to do it would be greatly appreciated!


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