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I just got an Cisco 1841 router to use for practicing configuration to study for CCENT ICND1. I have downloaded Putty and have a console cable with a usb end and have updated the driver on my laptop to recognize the usb port. I can't figure out how to use putty or if I need to use putty to connect to this new (used) device. I think this should be something readily available, but I don't know where to find the information. I have watched a few videos, but they are all slightly different, or just go really fast over using Putty to connect to the device. Can someone head me in the right direction? Thanks in advance,



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    Do you know what com port you're using on the usb interface?

    Putty is quite simple when you know the com port and you should be able to login, you can get into the rates, and other settings but that really isn't required in most cases. Try to download a program called tera term, you'll see a console connection loaded with the correct com port when you load the program. If you have nothing showing up, it could be a driver issue as well but if you are using a proper cisco console cable - db9 - usb; it should work when connecting to a terminal program on the correct com port... In putty click on serial, and than the correct com port has to be entered...
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    Thank you.

    I got it up and running on COM3! Super excited.....
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    Teraterm auto detects your COM port. Quite useful in a hurry.

    EDIT: Fail, read posts above! icon_cry.gif
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    "Devices and Printers" is a pretty simple way to see what port the usb-serial device is showing up as.
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