My road to CISM

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OK. I've read and gotten a lot of great feedback from members of the forum fo tackling the CISM.

The consensus is to get a subscription to the Q&A database and go thru the questions.

I still had to get the book just to see what CISM is about....

Ha! I'm seeing all kinds of stuff that brings me back to when I worked for a management consultancy when I got out of college. Back then, I was a computer graphic designer putting together RACI charts, flowcharts and gant charts and cranking out powerpoint slides for $50 an hour.

First thing I see as I flip through the book are the RACI charts. Ha!

Then I go thru some of the assessment questions and realize I have to get rid of my cynical view of corporate policy.

ie. Security Training - We don't care that you know about security policy. Just read the damned brief and sign the form! If you flub something corporate is covered and you will suffer all the legal repercussions!

ie. Everything is to ensure the CEO maintains his status governing a tree full of smiling monkeys...he looks down from his perch and sees all the smiling monkeys looking up to him. In the meantime, all the monkeys look up and see....

ie. An action passed to another is an action competed.

I have to stop reading Dilbert!!!!


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    It was my wedding anniversary yesterday, so I only had a chance to flip thru the book.

    I think I can plow thru it in about a week. Though it has an index, I'm going to create a SANS type index as I go along to make note of concepts and formulas that look important.

    In a few weeks, I'll get the QA&E database and go thru those. Goal is to take the exam sometime in Oct/November timeframe.
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