authors and books on networking script /programming

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hi guys/gals

I think this question was posted before if yes I apologize for repetition.

Which script/programming language would you recommend for network administrator. Which book(s) and author (s)?

The books must be for beginners and slowly proceed to advanced.

Thank you for your time
working on CCNA


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    I too would like to know something like this as I'm sure I will need to know more scripts as I progress in my career.

    Languages I currently know are C++ and VB2008 but I haven't found much use for them in network administration.
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    My guess would be python and powershell
  • ccie14023ccie14023 Member Posts: 183
    Python. Don't worry about any other language. Ansible is good to learn too but it is a tool and you asked about languages

    I always recommend Automate the Boring Stuff by Sweigart. It's not network-specific but it is a good introduction to Python. Once you master that, please go to Cisco DevNet ( to learn about network programming.
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