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I've convinced the boss that instituting ITIL practices would make our job a lot easier. After doing a whole presentation to him and his boss, both agreed to pay for the foundations exam for our department. We are also interested in the practitioner exam as well. I do have a few questions on this one that I haven't been able to find online.

1. Can this be done self study or online class? Or does it have to be brick/mortar?
2. What is the cost of this exam? Can it be taken online or booked through local test center?

Any information would be great!


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    Hi Bokeh

    The Foundation course and exam can be done via self study, online or in a classroom. See this blog for the answers to all the foundation questions we are typically asked: Your ITIL Foundation Certification Questions Answered | ITSM Zone

    The foundation exam can be done online or in a test center. Prices vary, but you should expect to pay about $200 - $250 (US).

    I'm not sure if training is mandatory for practitioner but based on the feedback I've heard about the exam, I would recommend you take a course. There's a bit more info here on the axelos site

    Enjoy your studies! Claire
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    You can sit the exam without taking a course, but I would also recommend a course. Even if attending a classroom course I would strongly recommend that you obtain the Practitioner book a few weeks before and read it very thoroughly. The exam is open book, but the course is usually 2 days, with the exam on the second day. If you wait until you get to the course to get the book, you will not have the time to read it, and familiarise yourself with its layout so you can find your way to the correct information during the exam.
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    Dear Bokah,

    The ITIL Practitioner exam can be done self-study.
    I paid £287 for the exam only and the book cost £55.
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    Dear All,

    Top of the morning.
    Yesterday, I took and passed the ITIL Practitioner exam. I must admit, aside from nerves, I found it very difficult and this is after having self-studied for the best part of 6 weeks.

    The question format was a little different from the sample papers I had studied. Whereas in those, you could clearly define the topic in the questions e.g. questions on Communication or Metrics and Measurements, in this exam, you were asked to figure out CSI questions in relation to OCM. They weren't distinct questions. I cannot remember any of the questions completely, but I remember one which said something like:

    Which statement in the OCM best fits the question "What is in it for me"?

    So I was busy flicking through the OCM section of the book and couldn't find that question and then I remembered last minute that the question came under CSI. But this still did not help with an answer. The answer I picked was something like:

    "I have the opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills"

    It was a lot of application of the Guiding principles, and core competencies to CSI.

    I spent so much time trying to understand the questions in relation to the scenario additional information, that I forgot about using the book.
    I think the book only helped with 2 or 3 questions and I had difficulty with at least 9.

    The exam is passable, as I managed it but it was a difficult exam and I found this mainly in the way the questions were phrased.

    My advice, if you are planning on taking the exam:
    -Spend a lot of time studying and applying the principles in situations
    -Do as many sample papers as you can
    -Don't panic during the exam and time yourself well

    I hope this helps one person, at least.
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    Congratulations Folab!
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    Folab wrote: »
    Dear Bokah,

    The ITIL Practitioner exam can be done self-study.
    I paid £287 for the exam only and the book cost £55.

    What book did you use?

    Is there another book that you wish you'd have purchased?
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    Hi Folab, i need your help. I wish take the practitioner exam to finally the month. Do you know some page o web where practice the exam or download the sample exam? thanks
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